March 2011

George Brown’s Google Sniper a Scam or Not?

I’m starting to get the hang of this Clickbank product review thing. Is the Google Sniper a scam? Do you want to make money setting up niche sites and basically doing nothing afterwards? Do you want to be rich beyond your wildest dreams? For those of you with dreams of making money online fast, click on the link on the right, or you can read this article and become educated (I warned you).

Have you heard of the Google Sniper program that was created by George Brown? Supposedly George Brown is a boy genius that has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars off a program that he created where he creates “sniper sites” and is able to rank high for keywords in Google in a matter of weeks. The secret to his success is covered in the eBooks and videos that he provides as part of his sniper program. George even shows his Clickbank account to show how much money he’s made on Clickbank products! The thing is, he’s showing you how much he’s made off of Clickbank customers (you). Again, my reservations are whether people who buy his program are making money (not just him). It would make more sense to show that the people who use his software have become successful. On the landing page it shows a picture of some Indian guy that states he makes over $4,000 from this sniper program but it’s hard to believe without cold hard proof. Anyways, back to the subject, so the program asserts that after he teaches you the program (which takes a few hours to read), you will be able to set up your own Google Sniper within a few hours and “set it and forget it”. The other assertion that the program states is that you will be able to rank on the first page of Google by choosing the perfect keywords and uncover profitable niches from scratch. I do believe that keyword research is very important and that the life blood of any internet marketer is knowing whether or not the keyword they are trying to rank for is worth going after and profitable (of course). I haven’t bought the product and I won’t claim that this product has worked for me but this product sounds very similar to any other type of regular search engine optimization (SEO) guru. Any internet marketer worth their beans should know SEO and that’s what this program is basically teaching you.

I guess I can’t say that the Google Sniper program is a scam because it really does teach people how to use SEO to create a sniper site that can target specific niche traffic. However, here are many free websites that will teach you the same thing for free. So what you will get with this $77 program is SEO education, how to pick keywords, how to set up a niche site, and how to add your affiliate links. Also, this program will specifically teach you how to search for buying keywords, the number of exact searches you should be searching for, and the # of competing pages you should look for, and how to optimize your sites. Also, he asserts that you will NOT have to add backlinks or perform backlinking campaigns to your site because his methods will allow you to rank without any links to your page!

The thing is, everybody that wants to earn money online wants to find the easiest and fastest way to make money online, and that’s what George Brown’s Google Sniper is selling, a fast an easy way to make money by selling crappy Clickbank products. I do believe that George is making money off Clickbank BUT it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to make as much money as him.
Also, on the landing page he proves that his method works because he shows that he ranks for the term “Groom Wedding Speech” (he’s currently ranked 2nd) without any backlinks! (actually he does have links to the site, so he lied about that). So let’s take a look at the site.

The site’s url is and ranks for the term groom wedding speech with a broad based search. He then states that there are nearly 10,000 searches for that term in Google Adwords keyword tool using the broad keyword search. However, any internet marketer knows that you are supposed to search for keyword using the exact based match because when you target a keyword you want people to type in the exact keyword to get to your website. Using the exact keyword shows that the term only has around 880 local searches per month. That’s a huge difference from 10,000. He states the makes over $50 a day with this site, which is hard to believe. The site uses basic on-page SEO such as using the keyword in the url, using the keyword in the blog title and description, using the keyword in the blog post, and using the keyword in the top and bottom of each post. He states that he does not need backlinks to rank, but if you use Yahoo site explorer, you can see that he does have a few links pointing to his page. As a matter of act, it appears that the owner of this site has used various comments, social bookmarking sites, and article directories to add backlinks too. Using the Market Samurai software you can see exactly where the links are coming from and the anchor text used for each link. The worst thing part about affiliate marketers is that they are liars. It seems George is the same way because he did have to use anchored backlinks to rank his site. The reason why affiliate marketers say that you do not need backlinks and that it’s easy to rank sites in Google is because if they said that truthfully, it will take some work to rank your site and that backlinking is very hard and it takes time to get quality links, the customer would not buy the program!

That’s the thing that irks me about this program is the fact that George states that you do not need backlinks to your site, when in reality he is using links to rank his sites. Backlinks are the lifeblood of any search engine rankings and he knows it, but is telling the public another story!

It seems like all Google Sniper is showing is the newbie way to perform keyword research and perform basic SEO to a website. If you still want to believe in this program, you can read more about it in the link provided. To find out more read…

George Brown | Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Sniper 2.0

Many people out there on the web have made  excellent reviews relating  the google sniper system however, not a good deal has pro’s and cons about this. They only target the good points about it. Well today I am going to tell both sides with the google sniper system.

Pros: Factors In Support Of the google sniper system

1. You are able to create these google sniper sites in about 2-4 hours every day determined by simply how much you add into these sites.

By creating these google sniper sites each month you will generate income off these web sites on 100% autopilot. It all depends upon your keyphrase research beacause this really is vital.

2. You can easy rank high in the Search engines with these googles sniper sites

One other good reason for the google sniper system is you can easy rank high in the search engines with these googles sniper sites because everyone knows that google, yahoo, and bling likes alot of fresh content and blogs are always has fresh content.. This has the added advantage of the more content that your site will produce the more the search engines will index it giving more higher page rank., which could defend against making the mistake of making loss sales.

3. You get a comprehensive step-by-step guide plus 5 videos that walk you through the entire process. It couldn’t be simpler! You’ll get instant results if you sign up today. 99% of products only provide a flimsy guide and recommend some ‘helpful’ products at best. Google Sniper customer service is built within THIS system and is the most impressive piece of

And then there is the step- step guide. That is certainly critical because it may show step-by-step on how to build your sniper site form top to bottom to make sales off it. Also George Brown will show you how to do keyword research you can get most traffic to your site., and in some cases if you follow his step- step instructions you can expect to start earning a commission off of your affiliate programs that you are promoting.. When you take that into mind, then it makes sense to the google sniper system.

But that’s the bright side of google sniper. There is a down side too. Here’s a discussion of some of the downsides.

Negatives: Factors Against google sniper

1. My main gripe is while i first learned a number of the niche research techniques, there was a bit more to picking winning keywords than originally anticipated

When you are against the google sniper system, it could actually have the impact of my main gripe is that when i first learned some of the keyword research techniques, there was a little more to picking winning keywords than originally anticipated. That is definitely a bad thing. In fact, it may well be a good enough reason to avoid it completely.

2. You need to set aside some time. Using the limited period of time we have to invest in anything today, understand that like learning anything new, you need to set apart a basic block of time to integrate these strategies

3. Getting a profitable keyword is straightforward with GSniper but lacks in teaching how to locate hungry buyer keywords entirely detail. If you target a lousy keyword, it is possible to still rank highly looking Engines but nevertheless Make Nothing.

One last justification in avoiding the google sniper system is always do your keyword research because without this your sniper site is really a siting duck.. Everyone ought to consider this point with great care, mainly because it might lead straight to to bottomless pit no return. if you opt to the google sniper system anyway.

That’s it, the pluses and minuses of the google sniper system. It’s not ideal for all, nonetheless it certainly is beneficial to many. You must consider the info presented to make your own choice, for or against. This info should really assist you to be ready in making the proper decision.

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