June 2011

What Exactly is Google Sniper 2.0 ?

Google Sniper 2.0 can be a product developed by George Brown that is one of many top guy in affiliate marketingGoogle Sniper Review world. Google Sniper 2.0 product is a way to create websites to make affiliate sales on autopilot. Websites are made in wordpress and surprisingly rank well on the internet along with other search engines like google as a result of excellent on-page SEO. George exactly explains his secret keyphrase research method, choosing the best affiliate product to promote and particularly the way to create the sniper sites that search engine will enjoy.

Google Sniper 2.0 will be the art of building these essentially one page “sniper” sites that rank inside the search engines exceptionally well. And they rank well with very little if any off page optimization or backlink building as a result of unique ‘formula’ accustomed to build the websites.Obviously, all the traffic comes clear of the various search engines, so there is really no increasing visitor count whatsoever.

Who’s George Brown?

George Montagu Brown, also known as George Brown can be an online internet and marketer. George is twenty years old and arises from great britain. Despite the fact that George is 20, he’s an internet marketing expert with only three years of experience but what he was able to do and achieve within 36 months, many online marketers don’t neutralize 10.George started with all the online website marketing world in January 2008 when he was 17 and against all odds found good success as an affiliate marketer, making thousands of dollars. George later started making his very own products through which he has shared the ability he gained and revealed his strategies and tactics that helped him be a affiliate in a very short period of time.

Google Sniper Video

How Does Google Sniper 2.0 Work ?


This Google Sniper system just isn’t promising you what you will earn 1000s of dollars per day without moving a finger. The offer will allow you to make sniper sites you can do in no more than a few a hours and can get you around 1000$ 30 days on complete autopilot. When George launched the first version of Google Sniper more that 50 people decided that using an offline job is always to hard and started creating wealth only online.

What is Inside The Google Sniper 2.0 Member’s Area ?

The Google Sniper 2 system consists of several steps.

  1. Market and keyword research. In this section, buyers will be exposed on the right way to find profitable keywords. One of the most effective methods would be to use paid keyword tools like Keyword Elite and Market Samurai.
  2. Site creation with WordPress. WordPress is indeed one powerful tool for site building and search engine optimization. This is one big reason why Google Sniper 2 methods is very effective, since it uses WordPress. This section also teaches what kind of themes to use and some on page SEO techniques.
  3. Boost the site ranking. Youtube is indeed one powerful site for getting traffic and high quality backlink. Google Sniper 2 buyers will be exposed on the right way to create high quality videos quickly to upload into this site.


Google Sniper 2.0 Modules

  • Module 1 : How to Pick a Winning Product – I know this video will likely be boring but I’m glad I watched it. George actually taught me time saving easy methods to use CBEngine for locating Clickbank products. It is just amazing that I’m still learning new tips here and there that could make my techniques more refined.
  • Module 2 : Keyword Research Sniper Style – This can be a first video that I watched because I was really intrigued by George’s market and keyword research method. It all begins with the proper keywords whenever you’re claiming that you could get top Google rankings without any linkbuilding. The real key tip that I got was he’s using phrase match. After George finds a keyword, he puts the term by having a sniff test (he prefers to use a results of 17K or less in quotes) and give you some awesome pointers on how to analyze the real competition by looking into the net pages which can be ranking towards the top 10 once you search the keyword without using quotes.
  • Module 3 : Creating Your Site’s Foundations – I love to install WordPress manually but George will show a less difficult method to install with your hosting. Next, he’ll teach you the best way to install necessary plugins for example All In One SEO and Google XML Sitemap. Again this video was boring but beginners will certainly find out how easy it really is to create a sniper site.
  • Module 4 : Increasing Conversions by PreSelling – Several cons from the original Google Sniper course is that George encourages you to definitely think of a character and falsely claiming that you’ve found success even though you didn’t. Now within this 2nd version, George were built with a alteration of conscience and is also now teaching the best way to improve conversions within an ethical fashion which also coincides with all the FTC policies. In addition, the recording only contains the introduction as well as the meat influences manual.
  • Module 5 : How to Cloak Affiliate Links – In this video, George will take you step-by-step through on the way to make your ugly affiliate links more pleasing to the eye of your visitors. That is geared more for complete beginners as everyone may have their particular method of cloaking their links. I make use of the same system for cloaking and I have to say that simplicity always rocks.
  • Module 6 : Creating Your Sniper Site’s Content – In this video, George is definitely likely to demonstrate crafting your first post, about me page and the way to add your sidebar bio. I know he’s attempting to reach out to beginners but I believe he may have shared a useful video like showing how to write a pre sell page that will convert or showing where you can put affiliate links for higher click through rate, etc. I felt that this video would be a bit evil (16 min) for under showing some elementary publishing.
  • Module 7 : The Ranking Process – This video is centered on getting those initial links which means your sniper site could get indexed and ranking quickly. I do not make use of the linkbuilding techniques that George shared with this video because I curently have a method for ranking my webpages using articles. But I know that his linking techniques work specifically for the sort of keywords that you simply’re likely to target.

Google Sniper 2.0 – Good Points :

  • You can be up and running with less than 20$ (you only need hosting and a domain name)
  • You can make as many sites as you want
  • The Empire module is really a great outsourcing course (this can easily be a stand alone product for 99$ and it is free for us)
  • You will learn how to pick products that really worth promoting
  • You will learn how to do a market research
  • How to write effective copy that make your visitor  wanna buy

Google Sniper 2.0 – Bad Points :

  • Sometimes you have to wait up to a couple of weeks for Google to give you proper rankings.
  • You really have to work a little bit in order to succeed!


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