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Google Sniper 2 Review-The Final Verdict

For those of you anxiously awaiting the launch of Google Sniper 2, be sure and read this entire review and watch our review video NOW!:

After marketing online for about 3 years now, I pretty much just tell it like it is. As mentioned in the video, you know that we do well constructing Sniper Sites. You also know that we were George Brown’s #8 affiliate for the most sales of the original Google Sniper…So we do know what we are talking about!

Google Sniper 2 Review-Does Sniping Work in 2011?

I’m not going to regurgitate what Google Sniper 2 consists of module by module, etc. You can get all of that on the official sales page. What I will say is GS is a simple system that centers around setting up simple sites that are base on 1 “sniper” keyword…enough said!

Does Sniping Still Work in 2001?

Yes, but your skills and search for the “holy grail” “sniper” keyword needs to be sharpened…above what George teaches in his course. We found that the folks who bought the original course through us had difficulty find the every elusive sniper or buyer keyword.

Our bonus is going to end your search and solve this problem.

Does Sniping still work in 2011?

Yes, but you need to think outside of ClickBank. If you think about it, almost every product that is launched in the IM niche teaches “wannabe” marketers to start at ClickBank…There’s a much easier and less competitive strategy that we will teach you in our Google Sniper 2 Bonus. George is going to teach you a CPA strategy in GS2, but in our opinion, getting into CPA networks is a little too hard for the newbie…look for our bonus posted here on our Google Sniper 2 Review Site!

Does Sniping Still Work in 2011?

Yes, but need to “automate”. If you are building sites based on 1 keyword…it works and works well…but you need an army of them! In order to build an army, you will need to AUTOMATE. George does teach you how to create an “empire” in his new version, but it is done all through outsourcing. It’s a great module…but what if you don’t have the funds yet to outsource?

Our Google Sniper 2 Bonus is going to cover an intermediate solution by teaching you how to “automate” the building of your Sniper Army…and it won’t cost anything like outsourcing!

Does Sniping Still Work in 2011?

Yes, but you may need to build some backlinks. I’m sorry, but the majority of our current sniper sites needed some promotion…they just did. We do have a few that ranked well right out of the gate as George explains his do by his “on-page” optimization techniques, but they were in the minority!

Our Google Sniper 2 Bonus posted here on our Google Sniper 2 Review Site is going to take care of this in a simple doable fashion!

What you have all been waiting for…Our Google Sniper 2 Bonus…

Just a note, for those of you who are not familiar with our bonuses, you’re in for a nice surprise. Our bonuses are not our past out-dated courses, old regurgitated PLR content, software that doesn’t “work”, etc.

All of our bonuses are “custom” built and exclusive to US! We put time into them and most components are video based, so you can “watch and do”.

The goal of our bonuses is to fill in any gaps or weaknesses which we fill a program, such as Google Sniper 2, have.

Don’t kid yourself…there’s not a “perfect” product out there…there’s just not…and there is definitely not a “magic bullet”. Making money online does take some WORK…but it is achievable.